Day 22 of 30

So, the 3:30 “alarm clock” (which is, I’m sure a combination of insomnia, allergies, and the new cold front) had me up until 8am.

  • slept 8-10:30
  • ran errands: Home Depot, Office Depot
  • organized the office, culling as I went
  • research
  • Getting Things Done with the 43Folders implementation
  • CroKnit group at Blue Baker
  • Getting Things Done with the 43Folders implementation; I wasn’t sure this would work for me, but it seems to work really well! I’ve incorporated it with my Toodledo (.com) and find that the two work very well together. 43folders will tickle me if ToodleDo doesn’t, and it gives me the visual reminder that Toodledo doesn’t.

Now, if I could just find the Benadryl so I don’t have to take the knock-me-on-my-arse-for-two-days insomnia med…..

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