Please adopt this sweet boy!

Please Adopt Indigo!

  • Indigo
  • 15 months old
  • Australian Kelpie (and a little heeler) mix

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Contact L at 979 575 5674 or to meet him.

Indigo is a sweet, 30-pound, 15-month-old Australian Kelpie (with a little Heeler) in desperate need of some cows or sheep to herd. While we were (are) ready for a dog in our lives, this darling critter is not a good fit for us. We’ve had him since December 2006 and it’s just not working out.

We have attempted every form of exercise we can find: running up and down the stairs of our home, playing with the neighbor dogs, running 2+ miles in the evenings with our neighbor. Still, he needs more than we can find. Our property is all landscaped in jasmine and other natural/wild plants; we have very little grass. There is no place for him to run. Our lifestyle is much more sedentary (we are computer geeks). If we’d known he was a herding breed (his physical appearance and personality changed quite a bit from puppy to dog), we’d never have agreed to taking him. He’s already been dumped and rescued once; we want to work very hard to find him the best home/fit we can.

Indi needs a ranch. He is 100% herding dog and needs to run and chase other critters. Here are some specs on Indigo.

  • Shots up-to-date
  • Neutered
  • Registered in Brazos County
  • Box/crate trained
  • Advantage Multi flea/tick/worm/mite/etc preventative (4 month supply)
  • High vocabulary and quick to learn
  • Graduate of K9 Kindergarten with Ms. Shannon
  • High-energy
  • Runner
    This is one of hardest and most painful things I’ve ever had to do. Please, if you know someone with land and critters, give them a link to this entry about adorable Indi.

    Visit for more information
    Contact L at 979 575 5674 or to meet him.


    Indigo Indigo

    Indigo Indigo

3 thoughts on “Please adopt this sweet boy!

  1. I have approx. 63 dogs & cats on my 1 acre and just can’t take any more animals until I find some homes and reduce my overall number. I have talked with some of the rescue organizations and everyone is full to overflowing. I am concerned if taken back to the shelter he will be put down as he has been adopted out before. He is just young and of a breed that needs training. Elizabeth from True Blue said she has a couple of dogs she is fostering that are very excitable when outside but they have been trained to be quiet and just lay around in the house. She suggested the training classes available at PetSmart every weekend. I don’t know which day on the weekend nor if there is a cost involved but it might be well worth your time to take in some of these obedience classes with him.

  2. My family has had very high strung dogs (German Shorthaired Pointers) since I was very little. In our experiences high strung dogs generally do not calm down until the age of two. I know it is not fun at all and can be down right frustrating. I have no knowledge of the Australian Kelpie breed, but I would suggest trying to find a forum on the internet for this type of dog or similar dogs. The people who own these dogs can give you a better idea of how these dogs change throughout their lives. Bear in mind that at 15 months they are still considered to be in puppy stage.

  3. My standard schnauzer is also one to be considered a puppy until 2 years old. Keeping up with him as an indoor dog is down right frustrating at times, as he also needs to run and run and run forever. He is also 15 months and I’m trying to stick it out until two years to give him every chance possible.

    Please try to keep him and wait until he grows up a little to see how he turns out. The shelters and rescues are so full of dogs and if he already has a loving home, that’s half the battle. I wish you the best, it’s a sad situation.

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