Who’s gonna “Kick Hanson’s Ass”

It’s been a while since we posted something funny E has said. It’s not for a lack of content, but more for a lack of the web nearby when he does it.
Backstory: One of my early days working at TEEX, I clicked to send an instant message to my boss, Laine. I noticed the song she was streaming in her status. It was Hanson’s “mmmmmm bop!” In spite of the fact that music streaming tries to make you listen to what they push, I found it hilarious. Naturally, I gave her a hard time, and it became a bit of a running joke.

Laine is now in Pennsylvania (and only an hour or so from New York) and is getting a couple of advanced degrees in art.

Tonight, the script went something like this:

E.T. or similar ‘duh’ music program on TV:
Who’s the next artist that’s going to kick Hanson’s ass?

Laine Little!

Moral of the story: Marry someone who makes you laugh!

1 thoughts on “Who’s gonna “Kick Hanson’s Ass”

  1. It’s true. That is, in fact, what I say when I’m really angry. For example, “What?!! Who runs out of organic half-and-half? I’m SOOO gonna kick Hanson’s ass!” or, “You’re giving me a 400-page book today to have published by Friday?!!! I’m SOOOO gonna kick Hanson’s ass!”

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