Indigo’s new home

Thanks to Michelle of True Blue animal rescue, Indigo found a new home with her friend Christina and her son Matthew.

We met them at the dog park last night. We talked about Indi’s habits and quirks. Matthew played with Indi and saw him interact with other dogs. After a while, they felt they could give him a good home and we felt comfortable sending him off to live with them.

Christina called later that evening with a couple of questions and said he was settling in nicely.

Indigo, we’ll miss you. We are happy that we could foster you and keep you out of the shelter system. We are thrilled that you have found the kind of land/family/home that will be best for you.

love to all who have supported us through this difficult process,
the no-longer-S.I.M.P.L.E. family: Sosta, Mitad, Purrrrrl, L & E

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