damn this cold.

I started to feel it on Tuesday, but a huge deadline at work (for which I’m the last one to touch the documents) kept me at work until Wednesday at ~3:30. I went home with a fever and chills, got into my warmest pajamas, and crawled into a heavily covered bed. I stayed there until Thursday morning while E went to his darts league, spent all day Thursday on the couch, and was back in bed early Thursday evening. I missed a meeting and a film screening for this damn cold!

In the mean time, E came down with it, too. The good news is that the incubation is pretty quick, so you know you’re sick before you infect too many folks. The bad news is that it comes so fast, you might not get away from everyone. He also had to stay at work sick until a meeting was over. My guess is that those in the meeting have it, now, too. I felt some better on Friday and went out with friends while E recuperated.

We’ve both spent the entire weekend on the couch and in bed, watching TV, downing cough syrup and aspirin, and getting nothing done.

damn this cold for reuining my week’s plans AND my weekend.

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