We have to say goodbye….

We have had to say goodbye today to our middle kitty, Mitad. (This comes just two days after a friend of our’s had to do the same thing.) This is very sudden as E only took her to the vet this morning. It’s also a surprise for both us and the vet as Mitad is was only 7 years old.

Oh Hai….doyuwanaa get my beeelllllllllly?

She’s been losing weight and has become more lazy than usual. This morning, blood work revealed liver and kidney failure. They are currently running ran tests to make sure that whatever she has had isn’t contagious so we’ll we know whether we need not to worry about Sosta and Purrrrrl, too.The vet told E that cats hide it very well when they are sick and that we never could have seen it. He did offer some elaborate options of 24-ICU observation and testing and then a trip to A&M’s vet school where they can study her….but all that would have to happen before we can even know what is wrong, nevermind if it’s treatable.

She has never seemed to be in pain or uncomfortable, so the most humane thing to do is to let her cross the kitty version of the Rainbow Bridge. Perhaps she and Abby-Tabby can finally meet and become friends over there.

Sosta will miss her first little sister more than any of the rest of us, as they have become best buddies. I hope that she and Purrrrrl can find comfort in one another.

Sosta and Mitad
Oh Hai. Wez iznt doin nuthing wrong, we swaaar.
Mitad loved her older sister, Sosta.

[Update: The vet called to tell us that Mitad had lymphoma. There is no prevention, no cure, and no way to predict it. She would have died an uncomfortable death within 24 hours had we not taken brave and humane measures.]

Sosta and Mitad in the sun

Mitad loved her sunbeams.

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