A Weekend for Me? What’s THAT?

I haven’t had a weekend that was just for me in a very long time….every single one has been a wedding or an event or a project or a shoot or work or something….for longer than I can remember back.

So, when this weekend thrust itself up on me with no real tasks/projects at hand, I took full advantage.


Went out with our FDC group. We started out with dinner at La Bodega and then moved on to drinks at Fitzwilly’s and O’Bannons. After E and I left, the group moved to Dudleys and “closed” Northgate. E had just discovered BitStrips earlier in the week, so there was much conversation about all his cartooning of our little group. What a fun night!


I slept in until 11:30 and then met with Mike & Tom to trade party platters and other GAYla equipment. It was such a pretty day and I felt like being outside, so Jes and I teamed up for some recycling and then yard work. I started mowing the yards while she weed-eeded and trimmed things. We ordered pizza, and then E and I watched three, yes THREE movies: Rush Hour 3 (very funny), Bourne Ultimatum (very good/exciting), and We Own the Night (horrible title, good movie).


I still felt like being outside, so I did more yard work, walked with Jes and Buddy & Sam (whose Cajun names a Beaudreaux and Sambeaux), helped her bathe them, and worked on the path between our houses. I also righted her mail box (someone hit it a couple of weeks ago) and picked up some of the rocks I had tossed out of the yard the day before. E and I went to Schotzi’s for my weekly Crawfish PilgrimageTM. Later, Cady came over for some good friend/quality time.

It was an amazing weekend of doing a bunch of nothing. While my initial reaction is “ooooh when can I do THAT again?” I know myself better than that. If every weekend was this uneventful, I’d be bored out of my MIND! 😉

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