Recycling Day

For years, I’ve been hoarding “good” boxes. I use them not only for wrapping gifts, but also at events to create height and interest in displays. They are especially good for silent auctions! We had waaaaay too many. I had every intention of culling them and taking them to the recycling center, but for a couple of years, now, it just hasn’t happened.

One of the things I did in December (as I was trying to get some of our home in order) was purchase bins for recycling. So, while I had not been doing this good deed for our planet as much as I should have, now, I am. Diligently. So, I had 3+ months worth of glass, aluminum, plastic, etc.
Neighbor South, Jessica, had almost as much as we did. So, we loaded up the truck and made a run to the local recycling center. Wow. We looked like Sanford & Son going down the road! And, the faces of the staff at the recycling center were hil-air-i-ous! Jes pointed out that, as neighbors who are friends (and I’ll add, and as home owners instead of apartment renters) many of the parties are at our homes. Of course, this is true, but we mostly needed something to keep us from feeling like total lushes with all the beer boxes, beer bottles, and wine bottles.
recycling day
Baby Truck was full

Of course, it’s not as bad as it looks. Most of it was cardboard. And, the stuff underneath was all sorted.

Lesson learned: I knew there was one kind of glass we couldn’t recycle. Turns out, it’s green. So, no more purchases of Dos XX (or Hiney or Rolling Rock). And, I need to be careful when purchasing red wine as some of my favorite brands come in green bottles.

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