Help in Spirit

To strive for a better world, I believe in a society that is non-judgmental; I believe we have to stand up for those not in our own demographics. To that end, I run a §501(c)(3) queer-straight alliance called Brazos Valley QueSt.

Last night, with the love of her life and their best friend just inside the house, one of our patrons committed suicide. The suicide rate among the gay community is 2 to 3 times that of the straight population.

She was a private person, so I will not make big deal or ask for donations in her memory, exactly. I ask that you come up with a small gesture of support for suicide prevention and/or the gay community. Maybe you can donate the cost of your daily beverage indulgence between now and her memorial?

I will donate half of all portrait session fees from this week to these causes.

If you can’t donate money, consider a moment of thought and reflection for those who struggle to the point of no return.

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