What a STAR!

Michael Stribling‘s reality TV debut and watch party was amazing. After some technical difficulties on my end [1], I got some great shots of Michael and the reactions of some of his friends and family. The party was packed, filling two rooms at Ozona and spilling over to the patio at times.

Michael introduced me to his newly-engaged friend and his business manager and sold them on my services for her wedding and Michael’s (before and after) design shoots for his website and portfolio work. And, what a small world: turns out the business manager is married to one of E’s cousins….and they need family portraits, too and want to see my new watercolors. eeeeee!

So, it was not only a fun night, it was also a quite beneficial one for AYW! I’ll have images up as soon as I can get the java applet working, again.

[1] at the wedding on Saturday, a guest grabbed my camera and was wiggling the flash. It happened so fast and I didn’t realize she’d done any harm. (No, she didn’t appear drunk; And, like I said, she was FAST.) So, now, the flash won’t seat correctly and works inconsistently. Dennis and I needed to trade some images, so he brought me his backup camera body and I was back to normal operations. I’m sad that I missed the crowd’s reactions to Michaels introduction segment on the show, but at least I got to SEE the intro segment. (After all, I missed most of the rest of the show. TTfT: Thank Technology for TiVo!)

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