First Day!

Well, today is E’s first day of work. I made us a sausage and eggs breakfast so he could eat well for his first day. It was cool this morning, so we had a lovely breakfast on the balcony.

He planned for 45 minutes of driving, but it only took ~20. (yay @bennrosales and @LAR for helping us find the right place to living and for knowing how long it would take. We planned extra time for insurance.) So, he can tweak his leave time by a few minutes once this week for the school year and again next week after Austin ISD schools are through for the year.

I did quite a few things around the house and spent a large chunk of time changing more addresses. With owning a small business, changing the mailing address is almost as time-consuming as changing my name when we got married! When I needed a creative outlet from that monotony, I worked on AYW’s new logo. It’s not finished, of course, but I have GOT to order Austin business cards, so I brought it to a stopping point. It meets most of my criteria: (simple/elegant/edgy, color yet easily convertable to b/w, and watermarkable) and misses some elements (a “picture/icon/image” and the website). Feedback is welcome.

AYW photography in Austin, Texas

I took care of some errands and hit the gym (I think I might have mentioned the 11,000 sq ft gym at our complex…? It’s the largest private gym in all of Austin.) and had a healthy lunch and a nice afternoon break… which I met not only an employee of Apple, but also a recruiter. Austin’s Apple campus is closer to our apartment than front office. The recruiter I met is not only interested in seeing my resume for potential moonlighting work while I expand AYW into the Austin branch, but also about to get engaged!

I haven’t had such a productive day in a long time. Well, that’s not true, moving day is productive, but it’s not fun-productive, even with the help of @roybragg and Sandra and two of their kids.

So, I’m leaving, now to meet E for a quick/light dinner and then to a Board Game Tweetup with @bennrosales, @LAR, @conniereece and several other Austinites who Tweet.

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    • Wendy, I feel the same way, somewhat. I’ll be back in BCS for a lot of photography sessions. If I’m in town for a meetup, I’ll do my best to stop by!

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