Adventuring Luzas

We love to “adventure” together. Any time we have to go somewhere new, we make a game of it. Thanks to E, we have always taken the odd routes. Thanks to VZ Navigator (a GPS navigation system built into our Verizon phones), we can wander off any beaten path and still find our way. We both have a good sense of direction, but it’s nice to have technology when we want to be somewhere specific at a certain time. Thanks to technology, we frequently take the odd routes. On our last trip in separate vehicles from Austin to Bryan, we found a castle. Yes, a castle. It’s in Pflugerville. I’m sure we couldn’t find it again.

Since we’ve been in ATX, we’ve tried to take all the strange roads. You might remember we got lost on West Cow, but we have also found several short cuts to our home.

  • One Saturday morning, I was supposed to meet B at Dream Dinners. I’ve been wanting to do the assemble-your-own meal thing for years! I even had people lined up to go with me (to Village Table in Houston) two different times, but things fell through—for good reason—both times.
  • I tried Super Suppers in College Station, but they quit doing the assemble-it-yourself system in favor of their it’s-made-for-you version. While the food was good enough, it was difficult to get in and didn’t let me omit the things E won’t eat. It was too much hassle.
  • I considered Mom’s Meals, but they were all too carby.
  • I ordered “mixes” from another company in Hearne, and again, they were all pasta/rice based and meant to be made with ground beef. I can get Hamburger Helper at HEB, thankyouverymuch. [yes, their versions were much tastier than anything store bought, they just weren’t healthy.]

So, when B told me about Dream Dinners, and then shared a meal with me at their home, I was dying to sign up. I made plans to go with her to her appointment on Saturday.

In learning to get there, I found a fun route down a winding road, so I awakened E-the-adventurer to join me. For a couple of reasons, we got lost on the way, and I joined B a little late. I still had a fabulous time assembling stuff and learning how the whole thing works. I signed up for July on the spot! At least some of our cooking will be both easy and healthy.

{Trust me, this part sounds boring, but there is a punch line.}

  • E & I ended up all the way back at the Arboretum for “breakfast” at almost noon.
  • When we emerged, the battery on the car was dead.
  • Luckily, we found a nice guy (who was wearing a Thai Coca-Cola tshirt like the one Stephanie gave E when she came back from an entomology trip in 2006) to give us a jump.

While we kept the car running, we used VZ Navigator to help us find a battery store and went to a National Tire and Battery. Guess what they didn’t have? Batteries. Why? Because they are getting a new product line and some dolt ensured that their “bad/old” batteries were removed, first, to make room for the new ones they were yet to receive. They didn’t cover up the words “and Battery” in the name… 😉 Why would they take out all the batteries and then leave these poor stores with nothing? I Tweeted the product change #FAIL while E found AutoZone. We bought a battery with the car running, (broke the apartment rules and) installed the battery (quickly) in our parking lot. $90 later and we are ready to start the car!

After half of a day of some serious adventure, we felt it was in our destiny for the weekend and followed a route to some new homes in ATX. We can’t buy until our house in Bryan sells. wink-wink-nudge-nudge. The homes called Agave are 10 architects’ 50 designs that are funky/odd. Normally, this would be right up our alley, but these are lame.

  • The first floors are “polished” concrete, so they didn’t spend the money on flooring.
  • The stairs and upstairs are bamboo, but the “kick” part of the stairs is painted white wood, which is already nasty just from viewers.
  • The homes all face west, so the A/C bills are going to be a nightmare.
  • Most of them don’t have garages. The ones with carports are single-car.
  • The HOA amenities include an unused community garden and some single-lot-sized parks.
  • The purposely-not-mentioned “amenities” include views of a trailer park, a train track along the neighborhood, and close proximity to the water-treatment plant.
  • They expect $220-350K for a home that is way east of I-35 with few interior features just for a view of a very distant downtown.
  • Oh, and you have to drive through some shady stuff to get to downtown.
  • What a joke!
  • We were reminded of how happy we are to have a Realtor. Thanks, BR!!!

Our next adventure consisted of finding cushions to support us on the futon in the living room and to serve as a headboard in our room. Regardless of the kind of home, it seems that setting it up is a very long process. After moving from a 3+1/2/2.5/2 home to a 2-2 apartment, who’d have thought we’d need anything??!?

Next, we finally found the adventure we’d set out for on Saturday morning. We followed the long/winding road to both some exquisite and some adorable neighborhoods. We also took some routes through nearby neighborhoods. We passed the very park where Beth and Marc took us (and their dogs) for an afternoon romp.

All in all, it was a great weekend of adventure…and one of many we hope to have in our new city!

[and, as this post is being posted quite late, I’ll say that we are still struggling to find/make time in our new town to do the things it offers.]

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