Sigh of Relief for Sosta

Sosta‚Äôs ultrasound went well…more than just well…better than I could have hoped.

As it turns out, there are no liver problems. The high ranges in her blood can also be the result of tartar/plague entering the bloodstream. It’s been 9 or 10 years since she needed to have her teeth cleaned (and that was a scary time since we were told she’d eventually lose all her teeth.) Thus, I’m hopeful that the tarter and plaque won’t come back quickly. She’s safe to have surgery. While she’s under, they’ll remove the lump on her belly and also clean her teeth. The dental work should get her liver reading back into a normal range. The lump will be sent off to the “super-lab” for full analysis.

While she’s not out of the woods, things are much more hopeful than they were just a few hours ago. We are both so very grateful for that.

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