Sosta’s Cancer

We heard from the vet today. Sosta’s masses were in fact, mammary cancer. They think they got all the visible cells, but the odds of her having microscopic cells that have already travelled to her chest and lungs is pretty high. Dr. Bryant is going to talk with the oncologist more today or tomorrow to get a more detailed interpretation of the results, but, as expected, the news is not good.

The stats on cats with mammary cancer like her’s show survival rate of 12-21 months. We aren’t yet sure if this is with or without chemotherapy. Of course at this time, we also don’t know if Sosta would be a candidate for it or of she would have a better/longer quality of life that would offset the treatment and side effects.

If she can be reasonably treated, the next step will be a chest xray. I have no idea how that can show microscopic cells, but I’m not good at science. When I look at an x-ray, I’m lucky if I know what part of the body it is. And I can never see a baby in a sonogram.

So, hopefully, we got it early enough that she’s on the long end of the estimated survival time. Hopefully, too, those are the stats without chemo.

Hang in there, Little One.

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