Sosta’s Oncology Report

The oncologist didn’t have any good news. The initial and follow-up reports revealed exactly what I expected and feared. Mammary cancer in cats is among the worst. The odds are high that Sosta’s has already spread.

They estimate she has one to four months left without treatment. Even with treatment (weekly vet visits for shots of chemotherapy and blood work), they can only estimate 6-10 months.

You know what the vet thinks is best when you hear the words “quality of life”…

It’s not fair, of course. If any critter deserves a long and healthy life, it’s her. She’s the sweetest—and most intuitive—creature I’ve ever known. I certainly don’t deserve the years I’ve had with her. And, I’m very glad for the time I’ve been home during the day and can spend it with her.

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