Sosta Adopts L

I always wanted a cat, but I had different plans for how it would come to be. I grew up in a dog family. I imagined getting married (no, there were no marrying prospects in my life at that time) and buying a house. Then, I wanted three dogs and two cats. I wanted a little puppy-in-my-pocket that I could take everywhere with me. I also wanted to large dogs and two cats. I wanted them to grow up together and love one another. I wanted them in pairs so they would have company when I was at work. I had this big elaborate pet fantasy.

The Little One has a short learning curve and made her appearance at my apartment every evening after the other critters vanished. She made sure to stick around long enough for me to notice her. Her reward was a nightly meal.

After a few days of this pattern I went out of town for the weekend. I was so excited to come home and hoped that my absence didn’t cause her to wander too far away from being able to find me again. I put food out immediately and waited and hoped for the Little One’s return.

I wasn’t even unpacked from the short trip when she wandered up the door! She was a little hungrier than usual and seemed quite happy that I had come back.

Over the course of the next few nights, she’d stop by to eat and then I’d invite her inside. At first, she’d only stay a minute, but each visit grew longer. By the end of the week, she was napping in my lap after her supper and winning my heart.

By the weekend, she didn’t want to back outside when it was time for bed. So, she stayed the night. She had me wrapped around her little paw.

Sosta’s adoption of me messed with that fantasy pet plan big time. At the time, however, I didn’t even notice.

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