Friday Night for Geeks

Sometimes, the night of the week that is a traditional date night for normal couples is an adventure for us!

E’s wish for supper was Torchy’s Tacos. We know not to go there until a bit later because it gets really crowded. And, while it’s not a kid-friendly place, a lot of parents drag their ill-behaved sex trophies along. We planned to go over there at 7pm.

We normally get terrible service but great food at Torchy’s. The counter staff don’t listen well and mess up our orders all the time. However, even a messed up Torchy’s taco is fabulous. So, we endure. Tonight, we were behind a group of four: a mom with her two school-age boys and their grandmother. They spoke more Spanish than English, but seemed to speak and understand English just fine. However, in spite of good language skills, they were really struggling to order. They had a million questions and kept adding more items after the counter girl had totaled the order. The kids were barking for chips and nachos and lemonade and whatever else. Mom just added it to the list. Meanwhile, the line had grown out the door. A whopping $41.38 later (for tacos!) [1], they were finally signing the credit card receipt. About this time the owner opened the other register and took our order quickly and accurately. We were getting our drinks before they walked away from the counter. Cue our jokes about people from Alvin, Texas.

We were home for all of about 5 minutes before E requested a trip to Fry’s for some RAM, a new hard drive, and a monitor cable. Please understand why he needed these things for his desktop PC: Dungeons & Dragons. His gang from BCS used to gather weekly for a live game, but after a suspension from the host’s wife, they found a really good online version.

At Fry’s, we got great service at the RAM counter and, while chatting about our Twitter conversation about “criss-cross applesauce”, met a funny guy in line. As we were leaving, E insisted that the good service and attention from the fellow shopper was because of my boobs. Thanks, Honey; I love you, too. It was a funny notion. About the time we were back in the car and done laughing about it, Islands in the Stream came on the radio. [2]

When we got back to our village, E drove the longest way [3] to our building, so he could hear the rest of Beat It. Damn we are old/nerdy.

So, the rest of our evening is spent with him doing serious computer upgrades. I’m updating some bloggy/site things while I listen to the live show of the week from FTW!

Happy holiday weekend, everyone. Be safe and take a moment to remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for USA.

[1] Two women & 2 young kids just ordered $42 worth (for here!) at Torchy’s Tacos. WTF? #tookforever

[2] LOL @E285 said we got better service @ Fry’s b/c of my ta tas. Clevage FTW! Then Islands in the Stream came on th radio. #notmakingthisup

[3] Driving all the way around to our apartment so @E285 can hear the rest of Beat It on the radio. (Must be 80s night on this station,)

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