Friends in HIGH Places

“oh I’ve got friends in HIGH places”
YIELDS “I have the most amazing friends.”

[Yeah, I took the time to try to make a greater paraody of Garth’s lyrics, but I gave up!]

Today, I emailed some friends in the DFW area to let them know we’d be up there in a couple of weeks. [E has one of those 8am-8pm/daily computer certification classes to attend. At the end of it all and with a passing grade on the test, he’ll have a few more letters to add to his credentials. Don’t worry, none of us are supposed to understand what his new letters mean.]

My main plan is to mostly edit/blog like a mad fiend, but I also hope to host some portrait sessions from friends of friends, if possible.

Within MINUTES of that email, I had exuberant replies from friends offering places to stay, cultural opportunities, professional development opportunities, referrals to friends, and fun! I literally teared up and jumped up and down with excitement
…with only moments between those emotions.
[The current story with our downstairs neighbors is that we won a lottery.]

It was, literally, the happiest day of my life since the day I found out we were “really and truly” moving to Austin.

So, my dear friends, thank you ten-fold for your faith in me and my work and your love and devotion to me as a person (who is sometimes on the fringe). I appreciate even the tiniest gesture of “Like”ing AYW photography on facebook as well as your legitimate referrals to your friends/colleagues.

More than anything else, I appreciate that you welcome me into your family/culture/society.

Each of you has honored me.

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