One Decade – a haiku

Just moments ago, I realized today’s date. It’s funny what your emotions remember when your brain tries to forget pain. — It’s been a decade. I still miss you very much. Daddy, you are loved. — Now, I know why I woke up with tear-stained cheeks. This post comes to you from atop the 3’x5′ […]

HELLthcare & Hospitals

Grandaddy Fell On Wednesday March 30th, Grandaddy fell in his driveway. He cracked some ribs. He was hospitalized for 2.5 weeks and then transferred to a rehab center, which is just a different floor of the same building with a different company. On April 4th or 5th, I called Mom to talk about some paperwork […]

10 Years Ago Today

Happy Anniversary to us! One decade ago, we said said, “I Do” while surrounded by the love of ~300 of our family/friends. It was our perfect day. We filled the church with bluebonnet scented candles early that day to fill the church with their gorgeous smell. The weather was perfect. Father John opened the windows […]

A Vegan Thanksgiving in 2011

For part of our 2011 celebration of thanks, I just purchased my first ever “tofurkey” with trimmings. We’ll see how I can handle two holiday meals in Bryan, followed immediately by another two in Paris. It’s hard enough to get to both Thanksgivings with some kind of contribution to the meals. Now, I’ll bring my […]